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A mix of adaptogens and spices to help shake off fatigue and lack of motivation and get the blood flowing! Assists the body in its ability to deal with physical and emotional stressors while also boosting the ability to fight of illness and infection. Eliminate sluggishness and increase energy without any of the jitters of caffeine. A tonic to support vitality and stamina, energy and strength, vim and vigor!

Vigor & Vim is an organic blend of astragalus, eleuthero, turmeric, ginger and black pepper extracted in alcohol, blended with raw honey.

Ingredients: alcohol, organic astragalus, organic eleuthero, organic turmeric, organic ginger, black pepper, raw honey

Dosing: 1-3 droppers as needed. Shake before using!

Packaging: The 1oz size option is packaged in an amber glass bottle with a dropper top, the 4oz size is packaged in an amber glass bottle with a flat cap.

NOTE: Due to the turmeric content of this elixir, it can stain if spilled or dripped.  Please use caution.


ASTRAGALUS // Astragalus membranaceous //adaptogen, immunomodulant, antioxidant, cardiotonic, hepatic // an important tonic herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine for maintaining vitality. as an adaptogen it increases the body’s ability to resist and cope with stress, be it physical, mental, or emotional, adapting to the stressor rather than of succumbing to it. nourishes and supports the adrenal glands, which produce hormones that regulate the body’s response to stress. an immune builder as well as immune restorative. exerts antioxidant effects on the brain.

ELEUTHERO // Eleutherococcus senticosus // adaptogen, immunomodulant, reproductive tonic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, hepatic, balances hormones, radioprotective, stimulant, tonic // also known as Siberian ginseng increases the body’s ability to resist and cope with nonspecific internal or external stress. from an energetic standpoint, it is calming, grounding, and strengthening, helping one to develop a strong inner core and rootedness from which to withstand stress.  used in TCM to strengthen the qi, or life force, and combat fatigue. approved by Germany’s Commission E (their FDA) “as a tonic for invigoration and fortification in times of fatigue and debility.” it has long been used to improve athletic performance by decreasing fatigue while increasing endurance and stamina.

TURMERIC // Curcuma longa // cholagogue, choleretic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, hepatic, hypolipidemic, vulnerary, stimulant // mild stimulant properties. reduces stiffness in joints. it has been found that turmeric is rapidly metabolized by the liver and intestines, its medicinal properties may not be as effective unless it is consumed with black pepper, which has been found to enhance the bioavailability of the curcumin in turmeric by 2000%

GINGER // Zingiber officinale // antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, circulatory stimulant, radioprotective // revs up the circulatory system, getting the blood flowing. reduces swelling and pain in joints.

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