Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tincture/elixir/oxymel?

A tincture is a highly concentrated, liquid herbal extract that uses alcohol as its solvent. Tinctures are an extremely easy and convenient way to take herbal remedies as they require consuming just a dropperful or two rather than, say, a full cup of tea/tisane/water-based infusion.  They can be carried easy on your person and require no preparation to take. The shelf life is also pretty much indefinite if stored correctly (out of heat/direct sun.)  Herbal extracts can also be made using other solvents such as glycerine or apple cider vinegar.  These have a shorter shelf life and are not quite as potent, but they do taste better and are excellent options for those who wish to avoid alcohol entirely, no matter now small the amount.

An elixir, by our definition and usage, is a tincture with an added sweetener.  In some cases this is vegetable glycerine, in others it is honey or maple syrup.

Oxymel, is a traditional term that comes from the Latin word oxymeli meaning “acid and honey”.  Apple cider vinegar-based extractions that are mixed with honey, are “oxymels.”


How do I take a tincture/etc.?

There are several methods of taking tinctures, elixirs, etc., and it all boils down to personal taste, literally.  Many tinctures do not taste good, hence why you would want to take a tincture of certain herbs rather than try to down an entire cup of tea.  You can take them “neat” or straight onto the tongue but if you wish to avoid the strong flavor you can dilute the dose in a small amount of water and take it like a shot.  You could also add the dose to any other drink; a cup of yummy tea, a smoothie, your bottle of water, whatever you prefer, just be aware that if you do not finish the beverage, you may be missing some of the dose.

Another delightful method of taking a tincture is to mix it with a teaspoon of honey (local, raw is best for an extra boost of benefits) - a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!

With elixirs and oxymels, since there’s already a sweetener involved, “neat” is likely the way to go.


How much do I take?

Most of our potions have a recommended “dose” listed and they are often pretty broad.  For example “1-2 droppersful up to 3x per day” means you could be taking between 1 and 6 dropperful in a day.  That’s a big window. For most people, a little “trial and error” period is needed as you find how your body specifically reacts to various herbs.  One individual may need the full 6ml in their day while another might find just a couple drops, not even a full dropper, is enough to get support.  Start small and work your way up as needed.  Keep in mind, though, that most herbs do not have an instantaneous effect and require a more longterm commitment so it’s a good idea to give it a couple weeks of daily use before casting judgement. While some do provide immediate support, herbal remedies in general are not about the “quick fix.”  This is a relationship with the whole plant, rather than a single isolated constituent like many of our modern medicines are derived from.

1 dropperful = 1ml = 1/4 teaspoon



Can you make me a custom potion?

Maybe? Probably! Contact me and we will talk.  Just keep in mind that tinctures take 4-6 weeks to make.


What is a flower/gem essence? 

Although the end result looks similar, flower and gem essences are very, very different than tinctures.  Tinctures are based on hard science and the process extracts physical constituents from the plant matter.  Tinctures can be studied in clinical trials. Flower essences on the other hand, use the power of the sun to capture the vibrational resonance and energy of a flower bloom or crystal.  They are about fostering a completely different type of relationship with the world around us. These medicines are used to address the mental and emotional aspects of wellness, rather than physical ailments.  They are about creating space for Self and tuning in deeply with the world in which we live.  Is this BS?  If you think so, then these are not for you and that’s okay, just move along.  Is it a placebo?  Sure, you could call it that. But even the allopathic medical community recognizes the positive effects of placebos. Flower and gem essences are one of many ways in which a person can create a ritual that is magical and empowering. 

Flower essence singles and flower/gem essence blends can be taken orally, a few drops upon the tongue, or they can be used topically, a drop upon the pressure points and third eye.  You can even add them to a warm bath or used to dress a candle.


What is your turn around time (TAT)/When do you ship?

Turn around time can be quick as next day, if you happen to order the day before "shipping day" but you should set your expectations to about 7 buisness days to play it safe. In order to focus on a better work/life balance for my family I've switched to shipping only once per week.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Do you ship internationally?

Sadly, no.  We used to ship everywhere and had quite the following in Germany and France (we were even featured in a French magazine!) but the massive changes to shipping policies over the last few years has made it impossible for us to continue to do so.  We are so very sorry for the inconvenience, it is certainly not our preference. 


Do you offer wholesale?

Yes.  I do offer Cattail products wholesale to authorized retailers.  Please reach out via email with details about your shop or subscription box and we can discuss terms.  At this time I am not taking new wholesale accounts, that may change in the future.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


Can we "collab"/Can I be a brand influencer? 

We do not give out free product in exchange for social media posts.  If you are an artist/shop with a genuine/creative idea about how we could work together to create something rad, please reach out.


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