Rose Rituals Kit

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This little set provides all you need to harness a little Rose magic in your daily routine or more specific-intentioned rituals.

Roses are well known for their place in workings of love and romance but they also boost divinatory energies, provide luck and protection, and aid in matters of truth. “Sub Rosa” means “beneath the rose” and it is thought that anything carried out under a hanging rose, is done so in absolute confidence and secrecy. Rose Quartz is known for its use in matters of love, emotional support, harmony, trust and fertility. Rose and Rose Quartz are both associated with the Water element and the planet Venus. 

This kit includes a 1/2oz bottle of Wild Rose Elixir packaged in an amber glass bottle with dropper top, a 1 dram glass vial with dropper top of Rose Oil, a glass vial with cork stopper of organic dried rose petals and a glass vial with cork stopper of tumbled rose quartz chips.

Wild Rose Elixir - wild rose blossoms, leaves and hips extracted in alcohol with a touch of vegetable glycerin, a gentle nervine that can help bring upon a sense of calm and peace, support for anger, frustration, mild anxiety, grief and sadness.  See full size here.

Rose Oil - organic apricot kernel oil infused with rose petals, rosehip seed oil and rose absolute, use to anoint Self, candles or ritual tools.

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