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Flower essences are highly diluted infusions made from the flowering part of the plant and are meant to address emotional and mental aspects of wellness. All of our sun-infused flower essences are made using plants found wild or organically cultivated on our own property. As the seasons change and new plants show themselves and allow us to capture their spirit, new offerings will be added to the list.  

Each of these are packaged in a 2 dram (about 1/4 oz) glass vial with dropper top.  These minis are a great way to explore a variety of essences. They are preserved with a blend of certified organic vodka and a locally-made lavender liqueur.

To use, place 4 drops beneath the tongue or into a small amount of water.  When combining multiple essences, place 4 drops of each into a bit of water, stir for a minute, then sip throughout the day.


NOTE: These infusions capture the resonance, the vibrational energy and not physical constituents of the herb, flower or tree.  Since there is no bio-chemical interaction, essences are a safe way to work with otherwise toxic/poisonous plants. For more information about what a flower essence is, please see our FAQ.

The following are extremely simplified snapshots of the essences available. Look into the Flower Essence Society and other such references for more information.

BLEEDING HEART // heart cleanser and strengthener, ally for those experiencing heartbreak or grief due to the loss of a loved one, a pet, a friendship or a relationship.  for those in need of giving or receiving unconditional love. opens the heart, promotes emotional freedom and release of painful attachments

CRAB APPLE // cleansing and purification, dispels negative thoughts such as shame and self-loathing

DAFFODIL // positive and uplifting, new beginnings, banish dark thoughts, cast off inhibitions, look inward and focus on Self

DANDELION // release of compulsive behavior, rigid thought patterns and tension, promotes emotional balance, calms an overly active mind

DOGWOOD // grace-filled movement, self-expression, physical and ethereal harmony, breaking attachment to material things

ECHINACEA //  integrity, maintaining strong sense of Self, positive spiritual identity

EVENING PRIMROSE // ability to be emotionally open and form deep relationships, combats feelings of rejection, cleansing of toxic experiences from the past

FOXGLOVE // calms the emotions brought on by trauma, soothes edginess

GOLDENROD // strong sense of individuality, breaking through peer pressure and overwhelming societal demands, excellent for teens

GREATER CELANDINE // helps to break down mental blocks and enhance communication/information transfer between two parties, helps to receive clearer messages from spiritual guides, strengthens the lucidity of dreams, dissolves inner barriers

HYDRANGEA // bring focus to a scattered mind, sense of wholeness 

IRIS // inspiration, artistry, creativity thats in touch with higher realms, harmony between Self and the soul of Nature

LILAC // letting go, cleansing, eases painful memories, allow oneself to accept help from others

MAYAPPLE // exploration into inaccessible parts of the personality, help in understanding the elusive/enigmatic aspects of the psyche

MULLEIN // inner voice and strong moral compass

OAK // endurance, strength and perseverance, accepting of limitations, knowing when to surrender

PEONY // assistance in experiencing the fullness of life, open-mindedness, belief in Self (this is a mix of white and pink peony)

PINE //  acceptance of one's faults without dwelling in guilt, moving forward despite past mistakes

POPPY // confidence without arrogance, breaking free from dependencies, journeying into Mystery (perfect for use with dream journaling, creative visualization, etc.), clairvoyance/telepathy

QUEEN ANNE'S LACE // clairvoyance, spiritual insight, removal of emotional "debris" for clearer seeing

RED CLOVER // calm and steady presence especially in times of emergency and high stress, strong force of self-awareness, clear-headed responses

SAGE // wisdom from life experience, reflection, assessment from a higher perspective, good for times of natural transitions and need for mature thinking

STAR OF BETHLEHEM // restorative, calming and soothing, comfort during times of great distress, feeling of wholeness

SWEET PEA // commitment to community, sense of one's place on Earth, forming social roots

TIGER LILY // positive social interaction, lessens aggressive and competitive thought and promotes cooperation and inclusiveness

VIOLET // self-acceptance, self-expression, elevated perception, overcoming shyness, gently clearing barriers 

WILD ROSE // joy, commitment to life despite difficulties and pain, motivations, interest in the greater world

WALNUT // making healthy transitions, inner strength, psychic protection/creating a safe space for internal exploration 

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