Drink Your Vitamins (& Minerals) // Loose Leaf Herbal Tea Blend

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Delicious and nutritious! An easy and tasty way to sneak some extra vitamins and minerals into your daily routine. Small batch, hand mixed. 100% organic and caffeine free.

INGREDIENTS: Stinging Nettle, Raspberry Leaf, Lemon Balm, Alfalfa, Rose Hips, Cinnamon Chips

DIRECTIONS: 1-2 teaspoons per 6-8 oz of hot water. Steep at least 5 minutes, covered, and strain. Add honey or lemon juice if desired and enjoy! Also great over ice!! Add 2 heaping tbsp to a quart-sized mason jar, add hot water, cover and allow to steep overnight. Serve over ice.

PACKAGING: Contains 8 oz by volume, choice of packaging includes: 1) frosted glass jar with a black plastic lid or 2) round black metal tin (both options are awesome for reusing!!)  The metal tin option will provide a bit of a discount and since it weighs less, it may allow for lower shipping cost.


More Information on the Ingredients Used:

NETTLE // Urtica dioica // high in chlorophyll, Vitamins A, C, minerals, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, and amino acids and improves liver and kidney function.

RASPBERRY LEAF // Rubus spp. // contains vitamins A, E, C and B complex, iron, phosphorus, potassium, niacin, magnesium, and manganese, also calcium in a form that is easily assimilable and is good for balancing hormones.

LEMON BALM // Melissa officinalis // Rich in calcium, phosphor, vitamins A and E. aids in digestion and has a calming/relaxing effect on the nervous system.

ALFALFA // Medicago sativa // one of the richest sources of easily-assimilated proteins, vitamins, and minerals available, aids in the assimilation of other plant elements.

ROSE HIPS // Rosa spp. // Very high in Vitamin C as well as a gapped source of folate, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. also good for the circulatory system.


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