Intention Setting Kit

Intention Setting Kit

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Everything you need to set and boost your intention prior to meditation, divination, ritual or spellwork in a convenient kit. Excellent for travel. 

Includes bay leaves, black feathers, paraffin-free candle, Ritual Ink, Amplifier oil, and instructions for use. Packaged in a black tin.

Ritual Ink is made by hand using pokeweed, black walnut and clove.  It is a traditional blood substitute and assists in unblocking stuck energies while dispelling negative forces and providing protection. 

Amplifier oil is an anointing oil designed to enhance the power of your work.  It combines dragon's blood, benzoin, myrrh, galangal, vervain, ginger and bergamot. This kit includes a 5/8 dram (~2.5ml) vial of the oil, it is also available separately in a larger 2 dram (1/4 oz) vial.

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