The Field Wonderful // Flower and Herb Infused Hair Serum

The Field Wonderful // Flower and Herb Infused Hair Serum

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Tumbling-Hair // e.e. cummings
              picker of buttercups
And the big bullying daisies
                             through the field wonderful
with eyes a little sorry
Another comes
              also picking flowers


A blend of avocado, argan, jojoba and olive oils infused for two moon cycles with amla, nettle, horsetail, linden, marshmallow root, rosemary, rose and calendula. Scented with a blend of cedarwood, blood orange, rosemary, patchouli and black pepper essential oils.

Monounsaturated fatty acids, biotin, silica, vitamin C and antioxidants such as vitamin E are absorbed into the scalp and hair strands to boost blood circulation, promote growth, strengthen hair shafts, fight frizz/breakage/split ends, protect against free radicals, dissolve dirt/grease, and moisturize, all without weighing your hair down or leaving an oily residue.


Packaged in 1oz frosted glass bottle with treatment pump.




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