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A boost to the body's mental, emotional and physical states.  This adaptogen blend is meant to be taken regularly to enhance energy and stamina, improve memory, concentration and mood, reduce depression, stress and fatigue while maintaining a healthy hormonal balance.

Ingredients: alcohol, organic north american cultivated rhodiola root, organic schisandra berries, organic eleuthero root, organic fair trade holy basil (krishna), organic orange peel, raw honey

Packaging: The 1oz and 2oz size options are packaged in an amber glass bottle with a dropper top, the 4oz size is packaged in an amber glass bottle with a flat cap

NOTE: Due to the stimulating and energizing properties of rhodiola, it is recommended that this potion be avoided late in the day.


RHODIOLA // Rhodiola rosea // adaptogen, antidepressant, nervine, antioxidant, antiviral, immune system stimulant, mild central nervous system stimulant, cardioprotective, neuroprotective // supports physical and mental performance. a potent adaptogen, it helps its human allies to adapt to stressors in their environments. early cultures highly valued rhodiola for its ability to increase endurance and productivity, and banish fatigue and depression. vikings would take it before a journey to bring strength and stamina. affects neurotransmission by influencing levels of neurotransmitters including monoamines, dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. benefits mental and emotional states and may be useful for depression and seasonal affective disorder, as well as to improve memory, focus, concentration, and mood.

SCHISANDRA BERRIES // Schisandra chinensis // adaptogen, anti-inflammatory, anti-hepatotoxic, antioxidant, antiseptic, antitussive, astringent, bitter, cardiac trophorestorative, chemoprotective, expectorant, immune tonic, nervine // the “five flavored berry”, it is all at once sweet, sour, pungent, bitter and salty, and it is said to work on all energy centers of the body. modulates stress hormones and can help improve focus, coordination, and endurance, while reducing fatigue and increasing work quality. reduces physical stress due to strenuous exercise by increasing oxygenation in the body and reducing nitrous oxide accumulation in the body after exercise. contains compounds called lignans, antioxidants which may help protect human skin cells from solar irradiation oxidative damage. studies suggest use as an antidepressant to increase dopamine and stimulating the central nervous system, while relaxing the mind and allowing for restful sleep. helps maintain a healthy hormonal balance in the body.

ELEUTHERO // Eleutherococcus senticosus // adaptogen, immunomodulant, reproductive tonic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, hepatic, balances hormones, radioprotective, stimulant, tonic // also known as Siberian ginseng increases the body’s ability to resist and cope with nonspecific internal or external stress. from an energetic standpoint, it is calming, grounding, and strengthening, helping one to develop a strong inner core and rootedness from which to withstand stress.  used in TCM to strengthen the qi, or life force, and combat fatigue. approved by Germany’s Commission E (their FDA) “as a tonic for invigoration and fortification in times of fatigue and debility.” it has long been used to improve athletic performance by decreasing fatigue while increasing endurance and stamina.

HOLY BASIL, KRISHNA // Ocimum tenuiflorum // adaptogen, antibacterial, alterative, anti-fungal, antioxidant, antispasmodic, antidepressant, emmenagogue, expectorant, galactogogue, immunomodulant, nervine, radioprotective, tonic, stimulant, anxiolyticas // a nervine, it is initially stimulating, but then brings a calm and reassuring sense of solidity and groundedness that helps quiet the mind, collect distracted thoughts into focus, and give one a sense of resilience for the long haul.  moves blocked energy to dispel sluggishness as well as move and direct restless energy to ease hyperactivity and inability to concentrate. by moving stuck energy in the energetic nervous system, holy basil ‘lifts’ the depression, uplifting the heart and allowing it to open to feel emotion and connection with others.

ORANGE PEEL // Citrus sinensis // anti-inflammatory, bitter, circulation support // contains substantially more enzymes, flavonoids, and phyto-nutrients in the peel of the orange than in the fruit.

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