Breathe Deep, Breathe Easy // Loose Leaf Herbal Tea Blend

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Breathe Deep, Breath Easy loose leaf herbal tea blend to help ease cough, sore throat and congestion symptoms of colds and flu.  Also helpful for upset stomach and nausea or sinus issues.

Peppermint, mullein leaf, yarrow, hyssop and ginger.

Small batch, mixed by hand. 100% organic. Caffeine free.

NEW PACKAGING: Packaged in an 8oz round reusable/recyclable black, metal tin. Contains 1.5 oz net weight. 

*Suggested serving 1 heaping tsp per 8 oz of hot water. Some people prefer a stronger tea, go ahead and add more. Steep at least 5 minutes, covered. Strain, add honey or lemon juice if desired and enjoy!

More Information on the Ingredients Used:

PEPPERMINT // Mentha × piperita // inhalation of the volatile oils in peppermint oil or tea helps relieve nasal congestion. peppermint is a traditional treatment for fevers, colds, and flus due to its antimicrobial, diaphoretic, analgesic, anticongestant and antitussive actions

MULLEIN LEAF // Verbascum thapsus // an expectorant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-spasmodic, mullein is a good ally in your court during a cold, especially for a dry, unproductive cough. it is a general tonifying herb for the respiratory system

YARROW // Achillea millefolium // a great herbal ally for colds and flu due to its antiviral action, and is ideal anytime there is a fever involved in colds and flus as it is a renowned diaphoretic. in the case of sinusitis and upper respiratory congestion, yarrow’s volatile oils help promote the healthy flow and elimination of mucus (anti-catarrhal), especially from the sinuses, and its anti-inflammatory and astringent nature reduces swelling and heals sinus tissue, allowing mucus to flow more easily.

HYSSOP // Hyssopus officinalis // relaxing nature of its volatile oils ease coughs through antispasmodic action

GINGER // Zingiber officinale // can either warm a chilled body or cool an overheated/feverish one with it’s diaphoretic action, this temperature modulation ability plus antimicrobial properties and ability to thin mucous and support expectoration, makes ginger an effective ally for treating colds and flu. volatile oils stimulate the immune system to fight bacterial and viral infections


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