The Muse // Flower & Crystal Essence

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An energetic essence blend of Daffodil, Pussy Willow, Pink Himalayan Samadhi Quartz and Hemimorphite preserved in organic vodka and blended with Blackberry and Elderflower liquors.

DAFFODIL // uplifting, balance emotions, banish dark thoughts, cast off inhibitions and restrictions, optimism, transitioning out of crisis/darkness, hope, light at the end of the tunnel, new beginnings

PUSSY WILLOW // balance & flexibility, creativity, imagination, expression of feelings, grace, patience, intuition, intensify the five senses, heart chakra, softness & fluidity, enhanced energy flow

HEMIMORPHITE // increase self-confidence and self-expression, anger reduction, creative ideas, encourages relaxed atmosphere

PINK HIMALAYAN SAMADHI QUARTZ // open one’s receptivity to the beauty of art, music and the written word, enlivening the imagination, unfolding of one’s personal talents, sense of calm and contentment, awareness of the present moment, clarity of purpose

BLACKBERRY // breakthrough, give direction, translate grand ideas into doable actions, decisive action, competent manifestation

ELDER FLOWER // regeneration & renewal, joy, vigor, protection within the spirit plane


3 drops upon the tongue 3x/day

Packaged in frosted clear glass bottles with black dropper top.

NOTE:  Please remember that flower essences are an infusion of vibrational energy and not physical constituents which makes these a safe way to work with otherwise toxic/poisonous plants. Do not consume daffodils.

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