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The Steward, a guide in our desire to connect, both inward and outward. She aids in the collection and processing of new information and helps bring order to the chaos. 

Ghost Pipe, Monotropa uniflora, also known as Indian Pipe, Ghost Flower, Corpse Plant. This strange and delicate flower lacks chlorophyll and therefore cannot generate energy through photosynthesis.  Instead it relies on a myco-heterotrophic relationship, feeding off a host fungi.  This fungi, in turn, is a mycorrhiza, meaning it is involved with a symbiotic relationship with trees.  The fungus and the tree feed one another and then the Ghost Pipe taps into that nutrient base.  When tapped into this complex network of energy, Ghost Pipe is processing information from two very different systems, two very different forms of consciousness.  The mycelium of the fungus has no information center, it’s rapid, dark, diffuse, horizontal, a web constantly evolving and grounded in the earth.  In contrast, the tree is vertical, slow, sky-reaching and bright, holding recorded memories deep within its rings.  In order to handle being connected to both of these systems at ones, Ghost Pipe must have a very sophisticated information filtrating and processing mechanism.

Ghost Pipe connects us into this multi-directional energy and opens us for higher state of awareness and consciousness.  Resembling a spine and brainstem, it helps us to receive and process all of this new information, just like our central nervous system, to avoid sensory overload. It gives us a glimpse into the weavings of the Web of Life and assists us in understanding and connecting with both inner and outer ecosystems. It acts as steward in our desire to connect - be it with ourselves, our community or our environment.

This essence has been charged with crystal energies to help facilitate this journey into knowledge and knowing.

Rainbow Fluorite //  boosts aptitude and discernment, the absorption of new information, brings order to chaos, elevates intuition and helps one work through complex issues, promotes connection with Self, balancing

Amethyst // assists with accessing higher spiritual energies and information, exudes peaceful energy, brings upon clarity of thought, protects and shields against negative energies.

Howlite // brings new ideas into focus, encourages patience, discernment, and awareness of other dimensions, calming and soothing, encourages reasoning and observation


Take 3-7 drops 3x/day under the tongue or in a glass of water.  Add a dropperful to a warm bath.

Ghost Pipe flower essence charged with Howlite, Amethyst and Rainbow Fluorite in a blend of organic vodka and elderflower liqueur.

Packaged in a 1 oz frosted clear glass dropper bottle.

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