The Seeker // Flower & Crystal Essence

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Opens the pathways of exploration into Self, Shadow Self & the realms of the Dreamworld.

Bittersweet Nightshade // a conscious reckoning, a deepening within the psyche, confidence to face ourselves and to dive into the depths, welcoming new insights & energy, journeying/dreaming/astral travel, helping us tolerate the darkness in ourselves, our shadow pieces, bring upon direction and purpose

Mayapple // exploration into inaccessible parts of the personality, help in understanding the elusive/enigmatic aspects of the psyche

Black Walnut // creates a safe space for internal exploration

Japanese Maple // opening pathways to allow for exploration of Self and new possibilities, expansion of energy without scatter, release of jaded cynicism

Herkimer Diamond // a record-keeper, allows one to tap into dream information and insights at a later time

Amethyst // assists with 3rd eye activation and dream interpretation

Chrysocolla // fosters prophetic dreams

Preserved with vodka and Creme de Violette, as purple is associated with the third eye and with connecting with the higher Self.


Take 7 drops upon the tongue daily & prior to ritual.

Packaged in frosted clear glass bottles with black dropper tops.

NOTE:  Please remember that flower essences are an infusion of vibrational energy and not physical constituents which makes these a safe way to work with otherwise toxic/poisonous plants. Do not consume bittersweet nightshade or mayapple.

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