The Witch's Glade // Cleansing & Purification Balm

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Step out of the thick, old-growth evergreen forest and into a small, hidden clearing, where a lush garden of sage and lemon balm reaches toward the bright morning sun and the scent of orange blossoms is carried in with the chirps of the birds.

The Witch's Glade is an anointing balm, a personal ritual of cleansing and purifying. Apply to wrists, back of neck and temples, with intention, to clear away negative energy and release mental, emotional and spiritual blockages while setting protective wards and promoting optimism and clarity. Use prior to ritual & spell-casting, when setting new moon intentions or whenever a need to purify, release and protect is needed.

Packaged in a 1 oz black metal tin. 

Ingredients: Organic olive oil, organic sunflower oil, organic apricot kernel oil, wildcrafted white pine needles and resin, wildcrafted balsam fir needles, wildcrafted concolor (white) fir needles, organically cultivated mock orange blossoms, organically cultivated garden sage, organically cultivated lemon balm, organic beeswax, plus citrine, aventurine and black tourmaline chips.


PINE // rebirth, protection, purification, overcoming hardship, inner strength

FIR // protection, rebirth and regeneration, transformation

SAGE // purification, wisdom and mental clarity, promotes spiritual, mental and emotional health

MOCK ORANGE // releasing of negative habits and emotional patterns, spiritually cleansing

LEMON BALM // cleansing, releasing, clearing away bad luck, "herb of good cheer"

BLACK TOURMALINE // Highly protective; absorbs negative energies.  Neutralizes one’s own negative thoughts and internal conflicts

CITRINE // protection, removes fear, promotes psychic awareness

AVENTURINE // all around good luck

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