Whipped Rose // Anti-aging Face Moisturizer

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Whipped Rose Face Moisturizer is a super rich face treatment meant to hydrate and nourish while targeting fine lines and wrinkles, helping to reduce the appearance of them and prevent new ones from forming. Extremely moisturizing and soothing, this treatment combines the antioxidant power of rose petals with the wrinkle-fighting magics of rose hips and carrot seed and the gentle exfoliation of beet root powder, all topped off with a light and bright scent of clary sage and cypress. 

This is a thick butter, not a lotion or cream so a little bit goes a LONG way! Apply a tiny amount and massage gently into skin, allowing time to absorb.

Ingredients: organic mango butter, organic unrefined shea butter, organic sweet almond oil infused with organic red rose petals, organic raw wildflower honey, organic rose hip seed oil, carrot powder, sodium bentonite clay, organic non-gmo beet root powder, cypress essential oil, clary sage essential oil

Packaged in a 2.3 oz clear glass jar with black plastic lid.


SWEET ALMOND OIL // Prunus dulcis // a mild oil rich in fatty acids, proteins and vitamins A and E. light in texture, easily penetrates deep into the skin. prevents blackheads and acne flare-ups. helps reduce fine lines and dark circles. an effective emollient for moisturizing both the skin and hair.

SHEA BUTTER // Butyrospermum parkii // intense moisturizer naturally rich in vitamin A and E as well as essential fatty acids

MANGO BUTTER // Mangifera indica // expeller pressed and refined from the seed kernel of the mango tree. natural emollient properties. traditionally been used in the rain forest and tropics for its moisturizing and smoothing properties. great source of essential fatty acids.

ROSE PETALS // rosa centifolia // analgesic, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, nervine, astringent // natural oils found in roses help lock moisture into the skin. especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin due to the soothing sugars in its petals. aromatically calming. helps treat redness and inflammation.

ROSEHIP SEED OIL // Rosa spp. // a skincare powerhouse extremely high in essential fatty acids and rich in vitamins and antioxidants, especially Vitamin C, Vitamin A (retinol), and linoleic and linolenic acids. evens skin tone and helps to correct dark spots and sun damage. absorbs quickly to help reduce appearance of scars and fine lines and improve complexion.

SODIUM BENTONITE CLAY // volcanic ash that absorbs toxins and infections, naturalizes acidity. abundance of minerals, including calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron and potassium. one of the most effective and powerful healing clays. unusual in the fact that once it becomes hydrated, the electrical and molecular components of the clay rapidly change and produce an electrical charge, magnetically pulling toxins from the skin.

CARROT POWDER // Daucus carota // repairs and tones the skin, reduces wrinkles and scars, improves circulation, increases elasticity, and provides the skin with the antioxidant beta carotene

BEET ROOT POWDER // Beta vulgaris // all natural plant-based coloring agent, provides the grit that acts as a gentle exfoliator

RAW HONEY // loaded with antioxidants, enzymes, and other nutrients that nourish, cleanse, and hydrate skin. the enzymes clarify skin and keep pores clear and clean. can lighten skin. anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds help to decrease the appearances of scars and increase healing and tissue regeneration

CLARY SAGE // Salvia sclarea // astringent, antispasmodic, antibacterial, antiseptic, hypotensive, nervine // a cooling oil, reduces skin inflammation and redness. relaxes and rejuvenates. as a cicatrisant it is used for vanishing scars, stretch marks, acne marks, etc.

CYPRESS // Cupressus sempervirens // stimulates blood flow and restores good circulation



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