Peony & Rose Quartz // Herb-Infused Face Toner

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Seasonal, limited edition herb-infused face cleanser and toner spray.

This is a combination gentle cleanser and non-drying face toner made with herb-infused organic witch hazel and non-gmo vegetable glycerine. Shake and spray onto a cotton pad, wipe face to remove dirt, makeup residue and excess oils.  Spray directly onto face for a shot of skin-nourishing moisture. 


PEONY & ROSE QUARTZ // The Summer offering is made with pale pink and dark magenta peony petals, wild rose blossoms, garden-grown yarrow flowers and leaves, and fresh lemon balm. Each bottle also includes tumbled rose quartz and strawberry quartz chips. Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love, of compassion, peace, healing and comfort, it promotes self-acceptance and forgiveness, invokes feelings of self worth. Strawberry Quartz is all about achieving balance and understanding. The energizing scent comes from a combination of amyris, melissa (lemon balm) and jasmine.

Ingredients:  Organic witch hazel, organic non-gmo vegetable glycerin, peony petals*, wild rose*, lemon balm*, yarrow*, organic beetroot, amyris essential oil, melissa essenial oil, jasmine absolute. (*indicts an ingredient grown or wildcrafted on the Cattail property)

Packaged in a 2 oz frosted glass bottle with a fine mist spray top. Each bottle also includes tumbled crystal chips. 

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