Amidst the Spruce & Lilac // Centering & Cleansing Balm

Amidst the Spruce & Lilac // Centering & Cleansing Balm

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Take a walk among the trees and inhale the sharp and refreshing scent of new growth upon the spruce trees with an undercurrent of heady, sweet lilac.  The spruce tree speaks of ancient wisdom, of protection and purification while lilac drives off negative thoughts and spirits, filling the void with calm.

Amidst the Spruce & Lilacs acts as a solid perfume, an anointing oil, a personal ritual of cleansing and purifying. It starts with a blend of organic oils infused with fresh lime-green spruce tips, purple lilacs and fragrant garden-grown sage.  A small amount of spruce and sage essential oils are added to the mix to boost the fresh, herbaceous scent. Sweet and seductive jasmine plays a role upon the stage since no essential oil or absolute exists to capture elusive lilac.  And finally, mighty frankincense weaves its power into the balm.  Upon the surface lays bits of frankincense resin and chips of ruby in fuchsite.

Directions: Apply to wrists, back of neck and temples, with intention.

Ingredients: Organic olive oil, organic sunflower oil, organic jojoba oil, wildcrafted spruce tips, wildcrafted lilac blossoms, organic garden-grown sage, organic beeswax, jasmine absolute, spruce essential oil, frankincense essential oil, sage essential oil, frankincense resin, ruby in fuchsite chips.

SPRUCE // spiritual refreshment, protection, purification, ancient wisdom

LILAC // protection, brings forth positive energy, drives away ghosts, past life exploration, call upon for wisdom and spiritual aid

SAGE // purification, brings wisdom and mental clarity, promotes spiritual, mental and emotional health, 

JASMINE // opens the mind to the beauty of all things, sensual, promotes new and innovative ideas, used for cleansing and divination 

FRANKINCENSE // centering, improving spiritual connection, use for raising vibrations, protection, purifying, consecration, and exorcism

RUBY IN FUCHSITE // transforming destructive, negative energies into positive, helpful ones.

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