Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

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Planet: Venus

Element: Earth & Water

Love, Emotional Support, Harmony, Trust, Fertility

The crystal of unconditional love, of compassion, peace, healing and comfort.  It heals wounds of the heart and dissolves sorrow, worry and fear.  It reminds us that before we can truly love another, we must first love ourselves.  Can be given to another as a token of love. Promotes self acceptance and forgiveness, invokes feelings of self worth. Protection for mother and unborn child.

Some listings are for a single stone, while others are for a set, please read the descriptions below carefully. Size designations are based on weight.  

SIZE I // set of three, weigh between .2 - .4 ounce each

SIZE II // one, tumbled, weigh between .4 - .6 ounce each

SIZE III // one, raw, weigh between .6 - .75 ounces each

SIZE IV // one, raw, weigh roughly 1.5 ounces each



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