In Full Bloom // Oil Roller & Pendent

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Cattail Apothecary has teamed up AGAIN with Memento Atelier to create some limited edition offerings that are perfect for the Summer Solstice, a time for reflecting upon GROWTH, both within our surroundings and within ourselves.  The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, when the Earth is at her strongest and most abundant. At this time, we can honor ourselves by acknowledging our own potential and inner power.

With this in mind we offer you some flower-born magicks focused on empowerment, spiritual growth, and positive self-image in an effort to assist you on your journey to bloom to your greatest potential.

This pairing brings together Cattail Apothecary's oil In Full Bloom, an oil infused with lilac, mock orange, crabapple blossoms, wild rose and peonies and scented with a blend of essential oils and absolutes featuring jasmine, ylang ylang, violet, helicrysum, melissa and blood orange with a pendent by Memento Atelier.  The pendents feature resin crystal incased flowers on a silver chain. Each set is packaged in a silver hinge-topped tin and nestled amongst dried flowers from the Cattail property as well as Rose Quartz and Strawberry Quartz crystal chips. No two pendents are alike, yours will be intuitively chosen.

 Memento Atelier has also created three ONE-OF-A-KIND rollerballs for this collaboration, see them HERE

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