Red Dragon // Immune Boost Elixir

Red Dragon // Immune Boost Elixir

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A sweeter, less spicy take on the traditional fire cider, that's red like the falling leaves. 

Ingredients: Organic raw apple cider vinegar, horseradish, ginger, astragalus, dandelion root, rosehips, hibiscus, orange peel, rosemary, sage, beet root, raw red raspberry honey.

Directions: Take a dropperful daily for overall immune system support, take 2-3 times daily upon symptom onset.

Packaged in 1 oz and 2 oz amber bottles with dropper tops.


ASTRAGALUS // Astragalus membranaceous //adaptogen, immunomodulant, antioxidant, cardiotonic, hepatic // an important tonic herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine for maintaining vitality. as an adaptogen it increases the body’s ability to resist and cope with stress, be it physical, mental, or emotional, adapting to the stressor rather than of succumbing to it. nourishes and supports the adrenal glands, which produce hormones that regulate the body’s response to stress. an immune builder as well as immune restorative.  exerts antioxidant effects on the brain.

DANDELION // Taraxacum officinale // diuretic, cholagogue, bitter, tonic, hepatic, alterative, aperienta // has a stimulating effect on the kidneys, encouraging proper elimination of uric acid, thus clearing out metabolic wastes. the leaf, root, and flower were used as food and medicine by at least 22 Native North American tribes for tonic effects, blood purification and anemia, gastrointestinal distress, sore throats, breast milk production, laxative, analgesic, kidney trouble, toothache, chest pain/lung disorders, and menstrual cramps.




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