Garden Solace // Flower Magick Bath Potion

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Find solace among the flowers with Garden Solace Ritual Bath Potion. This bath additive nourishes the skin while providing emotional support - a relaxing end to a rough day or a few moment of peace to focus on Self. Dispel anxiety and oppressive emotional states of mind while nourishing self love, confidence, spiritual awareness and inner courage.

Add a tablespoon or two to a warm bath.

Packaged in a 4 oz black tin.

Ingredients: epsom salt, coconut milk powder, alaea salt, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sunflower, elderflower, hibiscus, clove plus essential oils of ylang ylang, bergamot & patchouli. 

SUNFLOWER // harnessing the energy of the sun, radiates strength, dispels depressive thoughts, encourages a healthy sense of pride, a living expression of sacred geometry

ELDERFLOWER // protection, relieve oppressive and heavy emotional states of mind, helps one become unstuck, calms anxiety, stimulates joy

HIBISCUS // promotes independence, confidence, strength and passion, helps one open to intimate connection

CLOVE // drives away hostility and negativity, purifies and protects, promotes kinship and mental clarity

YLANG YLANG // promotes a sense of calm, peaceful relaxation and relieves anxiety and depression, enhances connection with inner child

BERGAMOT // uplifting, soothes the nerves, protection from evil and illness, attracts success, promotes restful sleep

PATCHOULI // grounding, protective and stabilizing, helps heal the feelings of isolation and separation

This was featured in the Flowers & Fae Spring Ritual Box.