Breathe Easy Balm // Sinus Congestion & Allergies

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Breathe easy again! Helps to clear stuffy noses and relieve chest congestion. Perfect for head colds and seasonal allergies. Petroleum and menthol free. Spread a small amount on chest or under the nose. Soft and easy to apply.

Available in 1oz and 2oz sizes, packaged in reusable stainless steel screw-top tins.

Ingredients: Organic olive oil, organic sunflower oil, organic unrefined shea butter, organic beeswax, organic mullein leaf, organic comfrey root, organic rosehip seed oil, plus eucalyptus, rosemary and spearmint essential oils.


OLIVE OIL // Olea europaea // gentle oil rich in vitamins and antioxidants, great for sensitive skin

SUNFLOWER SEED OIL // Helianthus annuus // deeply nourishing and conditioning oil that is easily absorbed. beneficial amounts of lecithin, unsaturated fatty acids, oleic acids and vitamins A, D, and E

COMFREY ROOT // Symphytum officinale // vulnerary, emollient, astringent, expectorant, demulcent, hemostatic // rich in beneficial mucilage helpful for respiratory complaints

MULLEIN LEAF // Verbascum thapsus // expectorant, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, lung tonic // Rich in mucilage and saponins specific to the respiratory system, eases congestion

SHEA BUTTER // Butyrospermum parkii // intense moisturizer naturally rich in vitamin A and E as well as essential fatty acids

ROSEMARY // Rosmarinus officinalis // circulatory stimulant, nervine, antispasmodic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, antioxidant, rubefacient, analgesic, anti-inflammatory // stimulates blood flow to the area, eases muscular tension and pain

EUCALYPTUS // Eucalyptus globulus // antiseptic, anti-inflammatory // its pungent vapors help break up phlegm and relieve congestion

SPEARMINT // menthe spicata // antispasmodic, bitter, antimicrobial, analgesic, nervine, anti-emetic // contains volatile oil menthol that has a cooling effect on the respiratory system when applied externally, also has relaxant actions and is gentler than peppermint



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